Painting 19

A painting demo for a student. Zorn palette.

I encountered this new student by chance. Never met her or seen her before. We bumped into each other in front of the Paint Chip, an art store. She had just got two of her paintings framed. When she saw me she said, “Are you, Marlene Lee?” I racked my brain trying to figure out where have I seen her. She pulled out one of my business cards that a friend, another artist, had given her. She checked out my website and love my works. As it turns out, she is now taking lesson with me.

168 Pear and Apple.jpg

Small Oil Sketches

New works yet small, strictly experimental. There is a similarity among all 4 pieces…a greenish background. Pink against green in “Pink Dianthus” is one of my fav. Analogous greens as in the “Lumpy Pear” and “Yellow Daffodil”. And complementary colors of reddish and greenish as in the “Apple and Tangerine”.

Roses for Mother’s Day

111 Roses for Mothers Day.JPG
Roses for Mother’s Day, 9 x 9 inches, oil on canvas panel

I was a bit hesitant about painting roses. They look complicated with all their petals. But I squirt my eyes and painted the light and shadow patterns. And not to worry about details.