Outside Baking Oven Sketch

Guinevere is an hole in the wall cafe that serves great Italian food. The two owners, husband and wife are the chefs and also artists. With my lunch, I was sitting outside next to the baking oven going…sending out savory smells.

021418_Outside Baking Oven
Outside Baking Oven at Guinevere Cafe in Woodland, 2/14/18, Faber Castell sepia marker and watercolor

It was a beautiful Sunday morning . . .

and I went on a solo sketchcrawl. I had participated in the Davis sketchcrawl, “Let’s Draw Davis” which is part of a worldwide movement of sketchers, “Urban Sketchers“.

It was a great way to getaway and meet up with a friend just to talk.

062616 Manna SBHolbein
Manna Korean BarBQ
062616 Hunan SBHolbein
Hunan Restaurant

I discovered this little sketchbook made by Holbein. It handles watercolor well and is not very thick so I can carry it in my bag. Plus it’s spiralbound.