Woodland First Friday Art Walk


I had a wonderful chance to participate in the Woodland First Friday Art Walk. I was showing with two photographers, Kent Smith and Gwen Kaltoft. It was there I sold all 4 paintings that I was exhibiting.

Then another one was sold at the Yolo Arts Council Gala.

All of these paintings were done at Turkovich, Pete Cattle or Mezger Zinnias Patch.

I want to thank Gwen Kaltoft and Mark Mezger for their purchases!


A Painting of a Promengranate

Homework assignment from Lucy’s. Painting a promengrante.

Before starting the promengranate, I study the fruit by drawing contour lines to define the shapes and the planes.

Then the set up. Daylight or rather a full spectrum light bulb was used on the left of the fruit. The light from the right came from the sky through the upper office window. I did not have to worry about a background, since the lights took care what I needed to paint.

This painting is close to being done. I tried to pay attention to the paint strokes following the cross contour lines of the shape. I also focus on the color of the lighting. The highlight appeared to me to be light yellow and the reflected light of cool blue.

Cold Wax and Oil Fruits Paintings

10 x 8 in., cold wax and oil
10 x 8 in., cold wax and oil
10 x 8 in., cold wax and oil

I had been working lately with cold wax and oils. Instead of linseed oil, cold wax is used as the medium to spread the oil around. The paintings are more matted. And supposedly cold wax and oil together tend to dry faster. In some of the paintings I had added iridescent paints to give it more shimmer.

These paintings will be exhibited at the Artery.


Watercolors Abstracts

Rising, watercolor/gouache, 3 x 5 inches approx.
Red Waves, watercolor/gouache, 3 x 5 inches approx.
Dancing Blues, watercolor/gouache, 3 x 5 inches approx.

These small watercolors abstracts were all created from one large sheet of Arches cold pressed watercolor paper. In a loose matter, watercolors are applied wet on wet at first and then in glazes. Divided into halves and halves and then in halves again to its small size, each piece provides a rich, colorful backgrounds. Using a broad edged suede pen about an 1″ wide, I manipulated calligraphic strokes in gouache to create unexpected imagery.

More pieces are shown in my Portfolio under Watermedia Abstracts. Also available for sale under my Etsy shop.

Calm Summer Series

Calm Summer Neglected, acrylic on canvas paper, 9 1/2" wide by 7 1/2" long
Calm Summer, acrylic on canvas paper, 9 1/2" wide by 7 1/2" long

These two paintings were my first attempt at using the acrylic pumice gel.  Mixing the gel with reds and applying with a spatula onto the paper, I cut through the gel with a small piece of credit card to reveal the glazed colors underneath. The colors gave me a sense of calm summer but during this particular time the San Bruno explosion happened due to the neglect of PGE to check out of the residents’ complaints of gas smell the week before.

The originals for the Calm Summer series are in my etsy shop, Paintings by Marlene. Click for Calm Summer or for Calm Summer Neglected.

For prints, click for Calm Summer or for Calm Summer Neglected

Green Landscape

Green Landscape, pastels on watercolor, app. 3 x 5 1/2 inches

This small pastel worked on a watercolor background was entered into the Yolo County Fair about 2 to 3 years ago. Whether it won anything or not, I don’t remembered. But what I remembered that the buyer was willing to buy it even though she thought that it was not up for bid It was and was not known to her. What a compliment!

Private Collection