Daily Sketches

I had been carrying around a Moleskine Sketchbook for getting some sketching in. I had been using a Fabriano notebook but found the paper to be too thin. What I liked about the Moleskine is that the paper is thick and holds a light wash of watercolor well.

Sketches by Marlene Lee, 11/2/16
Sketches by Marlene Lee, 11/4/16

Here’s one of my favorite pages of sketches…parents and coaches watching soccer and my mother. With people I worked with quick gestural lines to capture the expression of the spectators. Most of them “posed” for about a minute or two. The sitting spectators posed longer. And, of course, my mother posed longer.

Sketches by Marlene Lee, 11/5/16
Sketches by Marlene Lee, 11/8/16

Village Bakery sketch

Village Bakery, with sig 300 dpi

This sketch was done during a sketch crawl. I had been very active in “Let’s Draw Davis” urban sketch crawl group. We met once a month in different location each time and sketch the surroundings. Later we’ll meet up at the end of the day to look at what we had accomplished. Usually my sketches are done in watercolor and pen, quick and so easily portable. On this day, we met around the Amtrak Station. There were not only trains to sketch but restaurants, people coming in and out. I found this scene of the Village Bakery shop. Somewhat hidden behind the trees I was able to capture not only the building but the people going in and sitting…enjoying the beautiful Saturday.

Like with all my sketches, I posted on Flickr and listed in “Let’s Draw Davis” sketch group, part of Urban sketcher. An PR agency, Crocker&Crocker, in Sacramento, discovered it. They were working with their client, the City of Davis, for a new banner to reflect the spirit and the goals of Davis. It is to be used in their offices and social media. Here’s the City of Davis Facebook Page.

Naturally I was thrilled! In the process I learned a bit about copyrights. Also I realized with all the work I put into posting in different sites, never know what piece may reach out.