Painting Demo

I started to teach privately, just one student. Even though he has some experiences in painting years ago, he wanted to start of with the very basic. So we began with a singly object, a pear. Then establishing shadow and light patterns before going into color and brushwork.

109 Pear Demo 2016.jpg
Pear Demo, 5 x 7 inches oil on canvas panel

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Three Pears

It had been a busy last week with family affairs. So no painting. My whole attention devoted to family. With the family all gone, this week began with an open studio. This painting which I done 2 weeks ago is dried enough for me to post.

After taking David Shelvino’s workshop, I am becoming more aware of edges. Blending the object’s edge into the background. What I also noticed that using a sable brush helps to create smooth and delicate brushstrokes that blends well into the color of the background. The pears are not as definite as some of my other fruits are. It’s more like how our eyes sees, definite edges around the focal point and everything else is fuzzy.
Three Pears 2015

Glorious Sun

Glorious Sun 2012

I captured this single flower at a city garden. It is painted on a canvas panel and is sold unframed. My signature is on the lower right. It will be shipped in a padded flat rate envelope for shipping.

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