Soul Patch Musician


I had been going around to different band performances and taking photos of various musicians in action. With this particular musician he was performing with 4 other musicians on a hot summer eve. What I wanted to captured is his fingering on the guitar. The fingering of a musician defines the music and the handling of his instrument. And his soul patch captures his music.

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The Amtrak Palm Tree

John Natsoulas Gallery sponsored the California Paint Out. After viewing some of the artists onsite, I signed up.

The Amtrak Train Station is one of the most beautiful areas in Davis. Located just on the outskirts of the main downtown area, the architecture is southwestern – orange and tile roofing. Finding a subject to paint was overwhelming. There is so much to paint! So I focus on one thing that drew me – a palm tree. And right next to it was a bicycle shed.

That evening was the auction. To participate the artists paid $25 and must have a canvas stamped. My husband and I came early but left before the auction ended. The following morning I found out that it sold for over $100. Amazing!

Hawaiian Series

I had just completed a series of paintings based on my feelings about Hawaii. Listening to songs by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and other Hawaiian hits in the “Pick a Hit Hawaii”, I paint with imagery created by the songs – paradise, waves splashing on the shore, idyllic life….and the volcanoes. Even though there were no mentioning of volcanoes in any of the songs, there were mentioned of conflicts of past and present and future concern of their people, or adjusting to the mainland lifestyle.


Orchestra, oil on canvas, 5 x 4 feet

My son, a linear thinker, looked at this painting and says he sees an orchestra. Others see waves. Some see people clapping.┬áMe? I see a chance to explore the calligraphic strokes to create imageries. I have no preconceived ideas of what a painting will convey when I start one. But if it touches someone, then I’m touched.

A Feeling of Contradiction

A Feeling of Contradiction

Looking at this piece after setting it aside for awhile, I noticed that it’s full of contradictions. The blue against the orange streaks or is it the green against the red streaks? The wide fluent golden brush strokes floats in the air versus the thin red dark streaks running to the bottom. Life is full of contradictions but makes a pretty picture.